The last 150 years saw the success of many businesses in the county of Alamance; and in effect, Burlington, North Carolina.

The Haw River, as well as the North Carolina Railroad, had led to the state’s textile industry to success since 1837. The Holt family with their 22 cotton mills had been spearheading the success of the industry in the city of Burlington with their contributions and this had been known as Burlington Industries.

Today, Burlington has about 300 diverse manufacturing industries, distribution, and services. The city also has 5,000 plus businesses open and providing employment and services to the population.

The Alamance County Area Chamber of Commerce extends assistance to those who are thinking about relocating and expanding their businesses to the city of Burlington in North Carolina through their economic development efforts. They have a list of major employers that would definitely help the people.

Alamance-Burlington School System currently has more or less 3,329 employees and is on a continuous growth due to the increasing needs of the educational system. This is a clear sign of progress and their continuous efforts to ensure that every man, woman, and child in Burlington is provided caliber education which fuels its increasing employment rate making it the highest employer of the city.

The Laboratory Corporation of America is an industry that is increasing its employment opportunities as the need of the populace is increasing. This helps not only the people of Burlington but also extends to the whole country as more people are able to gain access to quality that is affordable to many.

Alamance Regional Medical Center comes in third in the list of major employers list. The growing employment rate sees to it that quality healthcare reaches to more people.

Wal-Mart Stores Inc. Contrary to the news in some other states, Wal-Mart is continuously growing in the city with its three stores. The growing need for a commodity, as well as other items that are needed by the ever increasing modern homes in the city, ensures that many are given employment by the Wal-Mart chain of stores within the city.

The Alamance County Government, as well as the City of Burlington, employs more than 750 employees collectively. This ensures that every member of the population can get good service from the people that serve them.

Other sectors of the industries that fuel the economic growth of Burlington are automotive, utilities, technology, and retail for both big and small businesses.

Burlington is a business-driven city that is geared towards healthcare, educational, and commercial needs of not only its residents but also to the people that live outside of the state.