When we say recreation, it comes in different forms. But what is real enjoyment?

Recreation is an activity that people enjoy doing when they are not working. This being said, recreation is not something that we just do for the sake of doing it. It should be something that can make us feel relaxed; for this, Burlington, North Carolina is synonymous with enriching and worthwhile experience.

Meaningful Recreation

Burlington, North Carolina gives people many opportunities to unwind in a significant way. Through the many parks, community centers, sports facilities, historical sites, as well as places that satisfy the palate.

What can Burlington offer travelers and locals who want to forget about their work stresses?

Nature and Conservation Parks – Burlington offers a fun-filled experience concerning nature hiking, camping, and adventure! The Local Government of Alamance County also supports this and from time and again, proven this with programs geared towards making the whole experience more enjoyable to the public. There are some notable parks that provide hours of fun whether one wants to spend his recreational time alone, with friends or with family.
Shallow Ford Natural Area – Has a program called “Hikes with Hounds.” In partnership with the Burlington Animal Services, many are given the opportunity to find their “fur-ever fur-iend.”
Conservators Center – Get to know the animals up close as they teach you about how they live. This trip is highly recommended to awaken us on how we need to treat animals and their habitat.
Cedarock Park – A “Back to Nature” adventure with many hiking, horse riding, and biking trails for all. Step back in time with John and Polly Garrett’s farm and re-live the 1800’s with role players in full regalia! A favorite among both locals and travelers alike, this park provides endless excitement and learning.
Alamance Battleground State Historic Site – Walk among the memories left at the Alamance Battleground. This site has historical display artifacts, as well as re-enactments. The management also allows visitors to walk on the battleground and see the markers of the Loyalists and the Regulators.

Endless Enjoyment

Burlington has a lot to offer. These are just a few of the favorites for visitors from both the state and outside the state. One can never say time is wasted when you are in Burlington.

In Burlington’s parks and other recreational sites, there is never a dull moment! Should you get hungry or thirsty for a drink, the city is also home to some signature dishes served in Burlington’s renowned restaurants and bars.

Burlington, North Carolina is synonymous with enriching experience and meaningful recreation. It is not just about simply having fun, but it is coupled with learning and awareness that you can share with family and friends.