Burlington, North Carolina is a place that is full of history. The local government, historical societies, as well as private individuals have been working hand in hand to preserve these places of history throughout the years. They had been striving to make these places available to the public to spread awareness and give the citizens a first-hand experience into the landmarks that define Burlington, North Carolina. But, where do we find these historic landmarks?

What’s In It For You?

If you look on the Internet, you’ll see around 62 registered historical landmarks in Burlington; however, there are yet others that are not on the list.

The city itself is historic! Let’s explore some of the different historical offerings of Burlington that defines the city.

1. Alamance Battleground – The battle was fought in 1771 between the men of Royal Governor William Tryon and settlers that came from western North Carolina. The settlers felt dissatisfied with the kind of leadership that they were getting from the Royal Governors and the battle was fought during the War of the Regulation. Today, this battleground had been made public so that people would know their rich history.
2. US Post Office/Federal Building – Designed with an art deco and classical revival theme, the building had been built in 1936. The building houses two famous murals made by Arthur L. Bairnsfather. The murals depict the rich textile history of Burlington. Before The US Post came to utilize the building, it had been owned by pharmaceutical giant, Roche Biomedical Laboratories, Inc. (a Hoffman-La Roche subsidiary).
3. Downtown Burlington Historic District – The district itself had been added to the list of the National Register of Historic Places as it encompasses the historical buildings in the area. Re-live the post office’s past and nostalgia of the textile era with the murals of the United States Post Office Building. You can locate the Atlantic Bank and Trust Company Building, as well as the Alamance Hotel and the Southern Railway Passenger Station, the Efird Building which are places that you can indulge in. Spend an enjoyable learning experience downtown at the historic district that is Burlington’s!
4. Beverly Hills Historic District – This historic district takes you away into the early 1900’s. With grandiose and magnificent residential architecture, you can give yourself a treat in American Craftsman, Tudor Revival, Colonial Revival, Mediterranean Revival, and I-house. It’s like stepping into a period film and re-living the past.

Getting A Move On

The city of Burlington is a nice place to connect with America’s roots. It is a place where you can see the heritage that had defined the country itself. Seeing the landmarks with your eyes is sure to bring you on a time machine ride into the past yet keep your feet firmly on the grounds of today.

Burlington, North Carolina is a city that is dedicated to today, yet never forgets its roots from yesterday where every minute is well-spent.